India’s wine market is seeing a raft of new options, with established firms such as Sula, Grover and Fratelli expanding their range. Penfolds, a 133-year-old Australian wine label, was launched in India, with plans to have six or eight variants in the market. Sula Vineyards has announced the launch of Sula Wines in China. The wine producer is now considering Oman as the next country for expansion in the Middle East. Sula Vineyards has over 65% market share in India and exports to 30 countries across Asia, Europe, USA and Canada. China is globally the second most recognized country for its wine market.At Sula, the biggest and oldest of the farms, some 350,000 people visit each year for tours and wine tastings, which happen on the hour. A majority, say staff, will never have tasted wine before. In 2018 it became the first Asian winery outside China to sell 1m cases in a year.

The setting up of Champagne Indage’s plant in 1984 in the state of Maharashtra marked the manufacture of wine on an organized scale in India. Commercial wine grape production in India has only been in existence since the 1980s. Since India joined the WTO, import tariffs in the country have been remarkably reduced, thus enabling foreign exporters tap into India’s vast consumer market. The wine market is gradually opening up as quantitative restrictions are being lifted, import duties are being lowered and domestic regulations are being simplified. Among the top wine companies in India are - Sula, Grover, Fratelli, Reveilo, Charosa, Vintage, York, Chandon, Soma, Vallonne, Bangalore Soma, Renaissance, etc.

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